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Europa Trade Services provide expert trade advice and practical support to companies wishing to expand their export businesses into the United Kingdom and Europe. Whatever stage of development your business is at, we can give you the support that you need to expand and prosper.

Using a range of tailored services including sales and marketing support, logistics support, representation at selected trade fairs, the provision of bespoke market intelligence etc, we can help your business quickly and effectively access export markets.

ETS also undertakes fee- and incentive-based advisory services to selected clients across a range of business disciplines, including product development and branding. We also import and distribute selected goods specifically for the UK market for sale via our affiliates and other outlets.

ETS offer a free, no obligation product evaluation service for companies wishing to export their goods into the UK and European markets. If your business is considering exporting to these markets, please contact us and to discuss your requirements.

If you have general questions on ETS’s services please feel free to contact us.